I started photography in 2010 after an accident in which I spent 12 hours deep in the New Zealand bush with a dislocated shoulder. We had just gone heli-kayaking on the Kokotai river on South Island. About half way through the run I got stuck in a hole and my shoulder popped. We didn’t manage to get it back in so two of my friends went to get rescue, and one stayed with me.

After getting winched out (yes, it was painful!) and two shots of morphine, the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to kayak anymore, the nerve damage was too big after 12 hours of being dislocated.

I only had kayaking in my life – no degree, no jobs on the side, so I started to freak out about what life was going to be. I had saved up a bit of money, so I went and bought my first camera, started to film and take photos of my friends kayaking. A few months later, after a lot of hard work, my shoulder was back to being normal, I did the kayak Slalom World Championships in Slovenia and I’d go out shooting whenever I wasn’t training or racing.

Now filming and photography has allowed me to travel to some of the most remote places on earth, always trying to bring a soul to my work.